Why People Want & Need Liberty Rx

Rx trouble paying 45% =

Americans having trouble paying for their prescriptions.

Rx not filled 26% =

Americans who have not filled their prescriptions.

The answer why is the high COST.

Why Insurance Agents Sell the Liberty Rx Plan

Insurance Agents sell the Liberty Rx card for a variety of reasons.


First, the plan works. Hundreds of thousands of people are saving on their High Cost Maintenance prescriptions every month. Each agent gets their own LibertyRx website where prospects can look up their savings before they join.

Second, the plan has both local network pharmacies and our cost-savings home delivery program included.

Third, if the member gets off the prescription, they can quit at any time. We are a month to month program. If we can no longer save them money or they do not need the prescription, they can quit.

Fourth, this plan is a great marketing tool to meet new prospects. No matter what plan they are already on, you can chat with them to see if you can save them money. If yes, they can join. You now have a new client to call on and connect with.

Fifth, the members you save money for, now have some added money to help invest in other insurance from you.

Can clients really save on their Rx’s?

LibRxScript SaveInsurance agents always ask if their clients and prospects can really save on their high cost of prescriptions.  First, there is NO formulary, ALL FDA approved prescriptions are available both at local neighborhood network pharmacies and some are available for HUGE savings from our Home Delivery Program that comes with our plan.

Here are a few prescriptions that have HUGE savings:


  • Xarelto (10mg) –     90/$365.97 vs  90/$ 757.24
  • Isentres (400mg) – 60/$371.00  vs  60/$1170.82
  • Truvada(200-300) –30/$69.88  vs  30/$1333.00
  • Atripla  –                   30/$164.00  vs  30/$2045.00
  • Prezista(600mg) – 60/$825.00 vs 60/$1188.98
  • Reyataz(300mg) – 30/$99.69  vs 30/$1186.50


These are just a few of the thousands of prescriptions that your prospects or clients can save on.

This plan works with or with out health insurance and is compatible with all Medicare D plans.  Many customers are saving more with our plan than with their own health insurance card.

Send them to your Liberty Rx Website to look up their own savings.  If they can save, they join.



Reasons Why People Want and Use LibertyRx

Rx-125-pic-110x110Liberty Rx

1. Walk In and use our LibertyRx Card for savings at 98% of all US Pharmacies and Drug Stores This is not a discount card, it is a reduced fee-for service program with pre-negotiated pricing.
Plus we give you any rebates at point of sale that the manufacturer has for the sellers.

2. US Mail Order Program included that is fast and convenient to save more money on your drugs.

3. Canadian/International Mail Order Program to use if Rx is available – Get HUGE SAVINGS.

4. Includes 100% of all FDA Approved Drugs even those your Health Insurance does not cover.

5. FREE Doctors Prescribing Guide to help patient and Doctor find lower cost alternative drugs.

6. Easy To Look Up Prices before you go to pharmacy or order through home delivery.
Plus an “800″ Number Provided to members for personalized price look up and help.


Tips to Live Green in 2010

Being eco-friendly or living in an environmentally friendly way is often preached to us from the media, government, friends and colleagues. But eco-friendly living can often be confusing with mixed messages coming from different quarters.

For instance some people claim bio-diesel is a green fuel as it produces less CO2 than conventional fuels. Others argue it takes up valuable arable land and that the fuel is essentially foodstuffs that could go to feeding people. So it becomes difficult to know who to believe.

And as being green is all about thinking about how individually we effect the environment – often what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work, or can be practical, to another.

However, there are a few things that many people agree can go a long way to helping the environment and most people can fit into their lives:=

Recycling. Recycling is perhaps the most important thing that we can do that directly help the environment. When you consider how much rubbish each of us throw away each year it soon becomes clear that reducing that amount will make an individual difference. Recycling bins go a long way to make things easier too.

Buy organic products where no harmful chemicals/pesticides have been used. Whilst they may be more expensive but anything we can do to help prevent pollution of our countryside and seas will benefit generations to come. Its not just about organic food either, organic clothing and other organic products are available.
Try and use natural alternatives. What was good for grandma is probably good for the planet too. Old fashioned methods such as drying clothes on an clothes airer will not only cut down on your carbon footprint but also reduce your energy bills.

Try different energy methods. Hybrid cars are one way of using new technology but replace some of the battery powered stuff with say solar powered gadgets. Even consider using solar powered chargers to recharge your laptop or ipod. Every little bit helps.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-and-family-articles/eco-friendly-tips-to-living-green-1269998.html#ixzz0pf28RXJl
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Original Picture Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/horiavarlan/4292289231/