Why Insurance Agents Sell the Liberty Rx Plan

Insurance Agents sell the Liberty Rx card for a variety of reasons.


First, the plan works. Hundreds of thousands of people are saving on their High Cost Maintenance prescriptions every month. Each agent gets their own LibertyRx website where prospects can look up their savings before they join.

Second, the plan has both local network pharmacies and our cost-savings home delivery program included.

Third, if the member gets off the prescription, they can quit at any time. We are a month to month program. If we can no longer save them money or they do not need the prescription, they can quit.

Fourth, this plan is a great marketing tool to meet new prospects. No matter what plan they are already on, you can chat with them to see if you can save them money. If yes, they can join. You now have a new client to call on and connect with.

Fifth, the members you save money for, now have some added money to help invest in other insurance from you.

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